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TUCoPS :: Windows :: forgou~1.txt

Erasing Your Tracks (in Win95/98) by Boomer

Erasing Your Tracks
Made by: Boomer

Intro:  My name is Boomer, and this is another one of my text's, as i
explain in all of them i will try to make it easy for you people out there
who dont know alot about what goes on, on the net. 

System Requirements:  1)Windows 95/98  2)Know how to access the regestry by
going to start/run and typing "regedit"  3) Quick fingers:-)

Lets Get Started:  I have been SO close to getting a criminal record.... thanks to this little trick, i have dodged that fate, now lets say your ISP has warned you on going on hacking sites, or from using trojans (for all you lamers out there) because using trojans IS illigal, and i dont recommend using them, now lets say you go on some hacking site, or whatever and you wanna get rid of the typed URL's (Uniform Resource Locator) on the address bar of your Web Browser, the only way about doing this is in the regestry.
	Open the regestry and go to:    
 My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Typed Url's

and delete ONLY the files with the header of "url1, url2, url3, etc...."
in the path name i specified varies depending on the web browser your using.
and that's that.
SMTP Win9x Forgemailing
Trick #2:  This little trick is very clever, it is forge mailing through
your outlook express, yet again forgemailing through the regestry. 
System Requirements:  1) Windows 95-98  2) Regestry  3) OutLook Express

Lets Get Started:  Now instead of forgemailing through telnet or an
insufferable program that you downloaded.  open the regestry and go to:

My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account

Now there should be an account name. the account name is where the SMTP
(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) takes place, the mail will be sent through
this server here.... DONT TOUCH THE ACCOUNT NAME!

Now the "Display Name" is where you tamper, yours varies from others in the
Cyber World, now double click on the SMTP Display Name or highlight it and
press enter and it should allow you to type characters into it.... type
whatever you want the Lamer(s) to see who you are here. (E.G. then press enter. part A of phase One is complete.

Now there should be another file named "SMTP Email Address" this is the
return address.  if the person wants to reply to the email your about to
send, this is the reply address your about to send that reply to. so change
that to whatever you want ( then press enter,
and close the regestry and Reboot (for total assurance) then your all set.
write an email to the lamer in OutLook Express. Have Fun. Please email me
with any bugs.

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