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Accessing DOS in school

*accessing dos in school*
-from a newbie, to newbies-
by: electratokyo

>disclamer: no, knowledge is not illegal, however, the processes done with some knowledge may be.
 this information is for educational purposes only, use at your own discression

>first, let me say, that the processes that i'm about to describe are very simple tasks, in terms
 of hacking, however, this could be expected, since i am a newbie, writing to newbies.


>there are many ways in which to accomplish this goal, the ways i am about to describe involve making files
 known as batch files (.bat)

 1.the first thing you need to do is open a text editor, i'd recommend notepad, however, on some school   
   networks, notepad may be blocked, if this is your case, read on...if not, goto 2. first recommendation for opening notepad would be this: open internet explorer, look for 
	  any prying eyes of a teacher, as not to attract attention to yourself, a very bad thing, goto 
          Tools on the toolbar, and under Tools, goto Internet Options. once you're in there, here's what 
          you do: under the Internet Options menu, on the General tab, there should be a  menu entitled 
              >"Temporary Internet Files"
	  under that section there is a button for 
          click on that, it will bring
	  up a menu which has a button entitled 
              >"View Files"
          click on that and BAM!!! you're in the good ol'
	  c drive, under temporary internet files. get your way into the "winnt" folder using the menu
	  bar provided, and there it is, Notepad. (actually, you can open an MS-DOS prompt from the
	  System32 folder, however, you wouldn't have the nice little batch file that im about to show
	  you how to make, which is easily accessable.)

	b.another way, would be to go through Microsoft Office, and find a button that will do the same
	  as previously mentioned, however, i have never used it, and therefore cannot describe it to 

  2.once you have notepad opened, all you need to do is type this: "start", that's all, no more, no less
    (you can actually type: "c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe", but that would take longer, and possibly attract
    more attention, a bad thing)

  3.once you have done this task, goto File, Save, and on the menu that is brought up, change the 
    Text Filies (.txt) menu bar to All Files. then, in the filename prompt type *.bat, * could be anything
    i would recommend a single letter such as x.bat, it just saves time, which is a good thing. once that
    is done, just click save, but be sure that you know where you saved it, i would save it to the desktop,
    but that's just me, you can save it to your network drive also, if you have one available.

  4.after that, just find the .bat file that you made, double click that biatch, and BAM!!! a brand new
    MS-DOS prompt, on a school computer, what you do from there is your choice...

>shot-outs to:node and slavetocaffeine, crazy bastards....

>that is all you need to know for basic dos access, so says electratokyo

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