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TUCoPS :: Windows :: boot.txt

Win95 Bootup secrets (1995?)

	  =-=-=- PiL Windows 95 boot-up secrets =-=-=-=-=-

Remember your DOS 6.0 multi-boot?  Remember when you could boot 
into DOS without having to hit bullshit function keys like F4 and F8?  
With Windows 95, many thought it was over for those of us who 
still like to use DOS occasionally and who don't want to be forced 
into using Windows 95 as a sole operating system.  We are 
therefore providing you with a list of commands that might be of use to 
you.  In order to activate these options, attrib your MSDOS.SYS 
file in your directory and use a text editor to add any of these 
lines under the OPTIONS heading.  These commands are case sensitive.
I have found these to work on the full install of Windows 95, but I
haven't tried it on the upgrade (installing over your old Windows 3.1
or WFW 3.11)

This command will boot into your OLD DOS without loading Windows 95.

Boots DOS 7.0 instead of Windows 95.

Displays the Windows 95 Start Up Menu WITHOUT having to hit the F4 and F8 

BootDelay=n (number value in seconds)
Just like the old multi-boot, the sets the value in seconds for how long
you want the scroll bar to wait until it processes the menu.

Just like the old multi-boot, this allows you place the scroll bar on the
menu item of your choice as a default.

This will put the line "Previous Version of DOS" at the bottom of the
menu options.

Disables the Windows 95 logo on Windows boot-up.

Also, there is a file called DOSSTART.BAT in your Windows directory.  When 
you exit to MS-DOS mode, and you don't want to see that shit about your
MOUSE and MSCDEX drivers already loaded (if you booted them prior to loading
Windows), then just empty the batch file, or even put a command like:
echo Welcome Back to DOS

Ok, well we hope this helps you out a little bit.  PiL wishes thanks the 
entire pirating community for all of their support for the last 5 years!

                                                      The PiL staff

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