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phpbb <= 2.0.13 full path disclosure & directory listing
[phpbb <= 2.0.13 full path disclosure & directory listing]

[phpbb <= 2.0.13 full path disclosure & directory listing]

Author: Jocanor
Date= 18-03-2k5

1. -----------introduction--------

phpbb is an high-customizable bulletin board writed in php.
Oficial page: 

1. ------------Full path disclossure------------

This error is non critical...but you can get the full path to the forum in the system.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare sql_nextid() in /www/phpbb2/db/oracle.php on line 405

2.---------Directory listing---------

default installation of phpbb have some directoryes with no index.* file, with this low risc bug
you can obtain information of the system, like http daemon.




4----- Contact -----

Author: Jocanor 
Location: Spain
Email: jocanor [at] gmail [dot] com

JoCaNoR SeCuRiTy ReaSoNS


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