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Invision Power Board Problem With IP Logging
Problem With IP Logging In Invision Power Board?

IPB like many other forum systems logs visitors IP's However I have
noticed in the past that people who are surfing through some proxies
have their internal (private) IP logged instead of their "real" IP
Address. Here are a few screenshots I took of my LAN IP being logged
instead of my internet IP. 

As far as I can tell it is using the X_FORWARDED_FOR IP, which might be
a good thing as it could get the IP of a person using a non anonymous
proxy or the like to cause some mischief, but it should definitely check
for private IP's and if it finds one present go with the REMOTE_ADDR IP
instead, or something different because IP's of private networks are
pretty much useless to admins etc.

I have not taken time to look at the code responsible for this behavior,
but I did contact Invision a while back and was basically told to
purchase a license if I wanted technical support. hmmmmm, great response
:P BTW, the particular IPB version I have experienced this behavior on
is the latest 1.3 release.

Anyway, anyone else have this issue?

James B.

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