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phpBB EXEC exploit - fix
EXEC exploit in phpBB - fix

Following additional information supplied to us by a party other than
"" we can confirm the existence of a serious exploit in phpBB, in
all versions below 2.0.11.

We will not post concept of proof information given the seriousness of this
issue. Unfortunately group have chosen to as a personal vendetta

We are preparing full, changed files and patch based releases which fix this
issue (and several other bugs/issues). While we are testing this we urge all
phpBB users to implement the fix given in the following announcement at 

Please spread this information far and wide, all hosting providers if
possible please inform your users. Anyone copying the exploit
_please_ ensure you also include details of the fix noted in the above post!

PS: Thanks to the bugtraq moderators for moderating out a previous post of
mine, ta muchly for that :)

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