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NovaBoard <= 1.0.1 / XSS Vulnerability
NovaBoard <= 1.0.1 / XSS Vulnerability
NovaBoard <= 1.0.1 / XSS Vulnerability

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-NovaBoard <= 1.0.1 / XSS Vulnerability
$ Program: NovaBoard
$ Version: <= 1.0.1
$ File affected: index.php
$ Download: 

Found by Pepelux 
eNYe-Sec - 

-- About the program (by the author's page) --

NovaBoard is a free, feature rich community message board software written in
PHP & MySQL that allows you to set up your own forum within minutes.
With a smart modules feature and the ease of creating your own themes you can
style and manipulate your board to look and perform how you want.
NovaBoard makes running a message board a breeze!

-- Bug --

You can inject JS.

-- Exploit --

Persistent XSS:
You can write a message to another user of the forum and inject XSS code:

Message subject:
Message recipient:

you can also send the user cookie to another site

Non-persistent XSS: 

If you are an authenticated user you'll see something like this:

PHPSESSID=241092c53c1379df01b743d910f61c62; nova_name=Member;

Username and password are stored in the cookie.

If you are not authenticated:


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