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IceBB 1.0rc6 <= Remote SQL Injection
IceBB 1.0rc6 <= Remote SQL Injection
IceBB 1.0rc6 <= Remote SQL Injection

A security breach has been discoverd in IceBB 1.0-rc6.=0D
This breach is caused by a bad filtering of the X-Forwarded-For variable:=0D
> ./includes/functions.php, line 73=0D
$ip	= $this->clean_key($ip);=0D
$input['ICEBB_USER_IP']	= $ip;=0D
> ./icebb.php, line 169=0D
$icebb->client_ip	= $input['ICEBB_USER_IP'];=0D
> ./admin/index.php, line 112=0D
$icebb->adsess	= $db->fetch_result("SELECT adsess.*, as userid,u.username,u.temp_ban,g.g_view_board FROM icebb_adsess AS adsess LEFT JOIN icebb_users AS u ON u.username=adsess.user LEFT JOIN icebb_groups AS g ON u.user_group=g.gid WHERE adsess.asid='{$icebb->input['s']}' AND adsess.ip='{$icebb->client_ip}' LIMIT 1");=0D
A hacker could exploit this security breach in order to alter a SQL request.=0D
No one. Think about update your forum core when a patch will be available on the official website.=0D
Gu1ll4um3r0m41n (aeroxteam --[at]-- gmail --[dot]-- com)=0D
for AeroX (
Math=B2, KERNEL_ERROR, NeoMorphS, Snake91, Goundy, Alkino (...) And everybody from #aerox=0D

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