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WWWBoard - How to hack the WWWBoard Message Board 2.0

How to Hack the WWWboard Message Board 2.0
written by kM

If your website uses the WWWboard cgi script from Matt's Script Archive
( you could be vulnerable to hackers getting 
the admin id and password and deleting messages.  Unfortunately Matt lists 
people who use his wwwboard cgi script. Whoops...I tested the first person on his
list and yes it was a semi-good job of protection (renaming the cgi's) but I was still
able to get the password and able to go in and edit the messages.  **NOTE** I didn't
though because I was satisfied with just getting in.

By default you must put the passwd.txt file in the same directory as your wwwboard.
If this is true anyone could simple download the passwd.txt file and put it against
Password crackers like Crackerjack or John the Ripper (UCF).  I tested this myself
and found my wwwboard was vunerable.

You might ask...  How do I fix this??  Well simple, rename the file to a unique file name.
and edit your cgi scripts to reflect the new file name.  Make your password difficult..with
alpha-numeric so a password attack won't crack it.


How to crack the passwd.txt file.

If you happen to get a hold of this file save it to your hard drive.  
I'll explain how to crack it.  

The passwd.txt file contains only 1 user id and 1 encrypted password.

For example: (this is mine) 

By Default the id and password are
Username: WebAdmin
Password: WebBoard

Hopefully the webmaster would have changed this...

Once you get this download a copy of John the Ripper (available at the HackerZ Hideout)

You will need to edit the passwd.txt file and make it look like a Unix passwd file.  This file
uses the same encryption scheme that is vulnerable to a dictionary attack.

(Q) What do you mean by edit the passwd.txt file?
(A) Make it look like this...

km:aeMkCtJZYkUnI:275:15:James. "Tiger" Gordon: /usr/email/users/jgordon:/bin/csh

Save the text file and kick off John the Ripper or Cracker Jack to hack the password.

Once you get the password go back to the site in which you got the passwd.txt file and 
look at the source html code.  If they use the standard settings you will see a call to or .cgi in there.  If this is true 99% of the time they didn't rename the admin
script which is or .cgi  Use this and jump right in and do your deed.  However
I do suggest if you plan on deleting messages that its *YOUR* responsibility.  I'm just 
writing about vulnerability I found.

Send questions or comments to
Copyrighted (C) 1997
by kM 
All rights Reserved

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