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Security Advisory: BiTBOARD xss

Advisory Information


Advisory name		:  BiTBOARD XSS

Discovered by		:  drhankey /

Vendor Name		:  the bitshifters sdc

Vendor Homepage		: 

Software		:  Bitboard

Vulnerability Type	:  Cross-Site-Scripting

Vulnerable Versions	:  2.5 and prior

Platforms		:  OS Independent, PHP

What is Bitshifters Bitboard?


Woltlab Burning Board Lite is a free message board using plain text files as database.

Vulnerability Description:


Ii's possible to inject javascript by abusing some kind of bbcode used in the posting system.

Proof of Concept:


[img]path/to/some/image' onMouseover='alert("hehehe... insecure");[/img]

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