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PFORUM XSS vuln PFORUM XSS Vulnerability

Product             Powie's PSCRIPT Forum
Version             All versions before 1.26 
OS                  All with PHP and mySQL.
Vendor URL 
Vendor Status       informed
Security Risk Lvl   high
Remote Exploit      yes

pforum is a BBS, similar to phpBB or other. The author provides
users possibility to enrich their profiles with personal data. Although
the author tries to eliminate malicious code (like unwanted html code) 
in the inputs, two of the fields are not handled secure. Therefore it's
possible to steal cookies or do other nasty things. 

More Details
If you login into your account, pforum saves your user id, your password
and the PHP session id. If somebody redirects you, for example using 
javascript, he can append all this data as a query string to the target 
URL. Then he can easily using your PHP session id for hijacking your 
pforum session. If he creates or modifies two cookies with the user id
or the crypted password, he can easily hijack your account only by visiting
the pforum.

Proof of Concept
Create a Javascript file and save it as bad.js (your domain name is in this
case The file contains the following code:

// bad.js
function b()

Edit your profile and enter the following line into the the IRC Server or AIM
ID Input Box. The string have to be shorter then 100 characters.

// Input Box (without line break)

Post a lot. Because the picture can't be found and the onError Event Handler
catches this, every user with activated javascript will be automagically
redirected to All cookie values
will be appended to the URL.

Security Risk
Critical. You can get administrator or moderator of the forum.

The Vendor reacted quickly and fixed the vulnerability satisfactorily in a new
version of the pforum (1.26).

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