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OpenBB 1.06 SQL Injection
OpenBB 1.06 SQL Injection

Hello bugtraq readers,

A vulnerability exists in OpenBB 1.06 that could allow an attacker to manipulate SQL 
queries and obtain sensitive information from the database such as the administrator 
md5 password hash. 
This vulnerability exists because the index.php script of the application does not 
sufficiently sanitize the input of the "CID" parameter.

As far as I know this vulnerability can only be exploited if the database server the 
forum uses supports the UNION keyword, so it is probably not exploitable with 
MySQL 3.x. I have succesfully exploited this issue when using MySQL 4 as the 
database server.


If the admin password is weak enough the attacker could crack it using a brute force 
password cracker on the hash and get full control over the forum.


I have notified the OpenBB developers and they have very quickly (a couple of hours, 
great work guys!) released a patched version. You can also patch your forum 
manually as described in the OpenBB advisory: 


Niels Teusink 

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