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aliboard Beta Upload Shell From ControlPanel
aliboard Beta Upload Shell From ControlPanel
aliboard Beta Upload Shell From ControlPanel

# Name : aliboard Beta Upload Shell From ControlPanel

# Download From : 

# Found By : RoMaNcYxHaCkEr     [RoMaNTiC-TeaM]           

# Home Page : WwW.4RxH.CoM 

# Google Dork :  Powered by aliboard =A9 2006, 2007 alilg web-based software           


# Exploit :

First You Must Register In Forum e.g.:


Then Login By Your Member Ok .... 

Then Enter Here For Your control panel e.g. :


And Choose Change Avatar e.g. :


Choose Shell.php And Upload That !!!

Then Click Right Mouse In Image Uploaded And Choose Properties You See Direct Link For Shell e.g. :


It,s Work !!!!

Or Enter In This Path Then You See The File e.g. :


That,s It,s

Good Luck Everybody


# Greet To :

Tryag TeaM

# For Contact : RxH@HotMail.iT 

# Note : Yesterday I Help You !! Tomorrow Fuck Me !!! Fuck All Snitches !!! But Do You Know What !!! That,s Is My Mistake

Best Wishes

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