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Path disclosure and file retrieving in AtomicBoard-0.6.2

Vendors has been contacted.
Main WEB:

What is AtomicBoard?

"An object oriented framework for building forums/weblogs"

AtomicBoard is an Open Source web application written in PHP4
which can serve as a forum or as a framework with which you
can build your own forum or weblog.

/* Description from */

There is a vulnerability in the current version of AtomicBoard
(AtomicBoard v0.6.2)
that allows an attacker tod retrieve files from the webserver whit
webserver's ID, and
also the faliure exposes the path of the webroot.

File retrieving:
Complete contents of the especified file.

Path Disclosure:

Class.TemplateEngine::loadFile: file not found

Bug discovered by gr00vy
Thanks to EthNic
Research Labs gr00vy & Ethnic :D

gr00vy <>
Linux User --

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