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Information Disclosure Vulnerability in board51, forum51 and news51


Advisory Information
Advisory Name      : Information Disclosure Vulnerability in board51,
forum51 and news51
Author             : Marc Bromm <> Germany
Discover by        : Marc Bromm <> Germany
Release Date       : 8. Juli 2003
Application        : forum51, board51 und news51 (textfile based forum,
board and news system)
Vendor Homepage    : (German site)
Vendor Status      : notified
Vulnerable Versions: board51: v1.0b, v2.0  (maybe older)
                     forum51: v2.5b, v2.6b (maybe older)
                     news51 : v1.0a, v1.5  (maybe older)
Platforms          : OS Independent, PHP
Severity           : High



The 51 scripts are textbased webapplications (a forum, a board and a news
system) which are not bad. The design is great and it has many functions.
The official website is


1. Get admin/user password hashes

All user/admin information are stored in a file named "user.idx" in the
"data" directory. So it is possible for you to open the files with your
browser to get the information. 

For example: 


Then crack the md5 hash and hope that the admin has a not so good

######Vendor Response:

They told me that no patch is available and that the user can protect
that directoy with the special file but they think about fixing it in
newer versions.

Greetz to:

Erik, (O_o)oOoOoOo.

-- - I mean, what is it about a decent email service?

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