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XMB 1.8 Partagium cross site scripting vulnerability


Lotek, a friend of mine, informed me about a cross site scripting bug[1]
in my XMBforum 1.8.x[2]:;%3C/script%3E%3C/div%3E

I sent this information at Apr 25 2003 to (I
have not found any other contact email on the web page) and suggested a
patch or update. After a week, nothing came back so I decided to send my
advisory to the Super Administrator of their own board. No reply too.

This bug still exists in XMB 1.8 Final Edition SP1, released after the
bugtraq posting "XMB 1.8 Partagium SQL Injection Bug" on Apr 22 2003
5:08PM[2]. It may be possible that other versions of the board (1.11,
1.6, and 1.8 beta) are also vulnerable.

An new updated version of the forum may be available at - An upgrade, if available,
is recommended.

Bye, Marc


Computer, Technik und Security        

"Alle Technik ist ein faustischer Pakt mit dem Teufel."
           Neil Postman, US-amerikanischer Soziologe und Medienkritiker

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