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WinWrapper Professional 2.0 read arbitrary files



    WinWrapper Professional 2.0


    Following  is  based   on  a  SNS   Advisory  No.39.    WinWrapper
    Professional 2.0 is  a firewall software.   It provides  Web-based
    remote console.   This console contains  a vulnerability to  allow
    attacker to read arbitrary files.

    WinWrapper  Professional  2.0  is  a  firewall  software  which is
    developed  by  ASCII   NT,  INC.   It   is  designed  to   protect
    WindowsNT/2000   systems,   and   provides   additional  Web-based
    capability of  remote administration.   But the  program which  is
    used  as  remote  administration  server contains a vulnerability.
    It is possible to read  arbitrary files on the target  system with
    Local System context.  Example:


    Note: 4096 is the port number used by default.

    Discovered by Arai Yuu.


    Fixed module (Ver.2.0.1) is available on following URL:

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