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IMHO webmail allows reading other users mail
15th Jul 2002 [SBWID-5537]

	IMHO webmail allows reading other users mail


	IMHO 0.97.x and Roxen 1.3.122


	SecurityBugware was informed that :

	If on an IMHO based system, you :

	 - Login with an valid user/passwd,

	 - Logout

	 - Goto URL : (((webmail_URL)))/(old_error,plain)/mail/error?error=1

	              [if IMHO module is mounted un /mail/]


	You will see a error page with a referer, just  copy  and  paste  it  to
	your browser and you\'ll get the inbox contents.

	This works if session has not expired, and browser wasn\'t closed.





	To fix the issue add the following line to Roxen configuration file  and
	reload Roxen :

	Global Variables -> Show the internals : No



	Note that although CAMAS was initially an IMHO fork, it is unafected  by
	the bug.

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