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The New Valise Email Hack

    |	          	 		|                  
    |                                   |                                   
    |	   The New Valise E-mail Hack   |
    |   				|                  
    |                                   |
    |            BY: XPh33rX            |                  
    |                                   |
    |         				|
    |          KingdoM Of HacK          | 	           
    |                                   |

 Now this Is VERY simple... well first let me tell
 you how i came across this technigue on hacking 

 Well it all started I was sitting on the Hackerz 
Hideout webpage, and I came across a Valise e-mail
 account hack.. I tried it and it through some info
 in my
Face about what the name of my ISP was and How it 
was a HACKER ALERT!.. but that didnt scare me any...
 I thought about it awhile and I thought and then 
thought some more... and I came up with.. nothing. so
 I went back to the valise websight and went onto my 
account and did a little veiwing of the resource with
 the pages source... and I finally found out this neat
 way to send anonymous mail through Valise:

First you must remember: 
                Valise security SUCKS

second you need this URL:

put a number, a 6 digit number, after the  equal sign. 
The numbers go in increments of 17(in other words you
 add or minus the # 17 to get a valise account number).
 I suggest you start at about 385509 (thats Justin
 Melton's account) and just start minusing 17. 
(or add 17). well have fun... and dont get caught..Oh
 yeah and one more thing.. when your in a user account
 you can veiw (and edit) everything that is in there

A little Note:
I finally broke their code on 11/15/1998. 

Justin Melton                            385509 


 KingdoM of HacKę

This document was written by: XPH33rX
    |               					    |   
    |           This text was written for informational     |
    |           purposes only. i do not promote the usage   |
    |           of this information. I Nor KingdoM of HacK  |
    |           Accept the responsabilities for what you    |
    |           Use This Information for. Have Nice day.    |
    | 							    |
    |   		      DINC!			    |
    | 							    |

You may distribute this document as you please... 
but no editing or alteration of this document.

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