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RESIN ServletExec show source using URL encoded characters



    RESIN ServletExec


    'benjurry' found following.   Resintm serves the fastest  servlets
    and  JSP.   With  Java  and  JavaScript  support,  Resin gives web
    applications the flexibility to choose the right language for  the
    task.   Resin's  leading  XSL  (XML  stylesheet  language) support
    encourages separation of content from formatting.  Resin  provides
    a  fast  servlet  runner  for  IIS  and  PWS,  allowing IIS to run
    servlets and  JSP files.   But On  Resin1.2 (maybe  Resin1.1 also)
    (Win2k  Simplify  Chinese  version),  ServletExec  will return the
    source  code  of  JSP  files  when  you  chage  the  url to encode
    ASCII( That  is to  say,"%2e" instead  of ".").   For example, the
    following URL will display the source of the specified JSP file:


    Successful exploitation could lead to the disclosure of  sensitive
    information contained within JSP pages.


    Nothing yet.

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