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TUCoPS :: Web :: Apps :: psit.htm - environment and setup variables can be viewed



    UkR hacking team found following.  Environment and Setup Variables
    can be Viewed through CGI script.

    The script allows  several environment variables  to be viewed  by
    the attacker, who can gain useful information on the site,  making
    further attacks more feasible.  dumps  useful  information  (e.g.  script  location,
    SERVER_SOFTWARE,  DOCUMENT_ROOT,  etc.)  to  the  browser when the
    requested  file  provided  is  incorrect  or  when request without

    If site does not contain a incorrect file, thus the following  URL
    displays  the  environment  dump.   However,  a  similar url, when
    applied within the necessary modifications to an unprotected  site
    would yield the desired result:



    Nothing yet.

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