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IndexU 2.0beta cookie vulnerability



    IndexU all versions prior to 2.0Beta (2.0Beta included)


    'Sp4rK' (Undersec Security Advisory)  found following.  INDEXU  is
    a  content  management  system  software  that  aims to help a web
    master to build a portal in just seconds.  It is based in PHP code
    and uses MySQL  as its database.   INDEXU uses a  web frontend  to
    manage every thing.

    INDEXU uses a web frontend to manage every database it uses.   The
    admin section is located in /admin.  When you login there it  asks
    for a user name and password (defaults to admin/admin).  Once  you
    log in it sets a cookie with the following format:   TRUE   /   FALSE   1388494785 cookie_admin_authenticated   1

    This cookie will (or should  be) deleted when the current  session
    finis hes, and is  used to determine whether  you are an admin  or

    Anybody who can manipulate it's cookie settings is able to act  as
    if he/she was the admin.


    Use  .htaccess  authentication  to  prevent  users  from accessing
    adminitrator area.   The bug  hasn't been  fixed yet,  but we hope
    it'll be fixed in the next release of INDEXU.

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