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IMP Inappropriate Permissions



    Any supported by IMP, MSWordView


    Jose  Nazario  found  following.   IMP  is  a  PHP3 driven webmail
    solution providing  full featured  access to  email. MSWordView is
    an application that translates MicroSoft Word documents into HTML.
    Used in conjunction users can view their Word document attachments
    online without having to download them.

    Two problems have been found  in this setup, though, that  warrant
    attention.   The  first  problem  is  the  permissions left on the
    temporary file used by MSWordView to format the document in  HTML.
    They  are   left  world   readable,  possibly   exposing   private
    information to the world:

        -rw-r--r--   1  nobody  nogroup     13722  Mar 8 17:28   imp.word.2000-Mar-Wed_17:27:47__a986f65efecd5fd49e75b3d7f8312721.html

    The second is a  failure if the IMP  process to clean up  properly
    if the  MSWordView process  does not  exit correctly.   It  leaves
    files  on  the  server  which  will  fill  up the /tmp filesystem.
    Should enough accumulate, a denial  of service is possible due  to
    a lack of  disk space.   This improper exit  can occur should  the
    user stop the attachment viewing before completion or if there  is
    a problem in  the setup.   Exploiting this is  simply a matter  of
    sending one's  self several  large Word  documents as attachments,
    starting to load them in IMP to view them online and stopping  the
    loading.   Disk  space  will  deplete  and  the  server will cease
    operations soon enough.

    Note that  shell access  is required  to exploit  this information
    leak.  Still, quite a number  of servers exist in the world  which
    mix shell and webmail access, for which this would be a problem.


    The first problem has been fixed in the 2.2 beta versions of  IMP.
    As of version -pre11, released on 10 April, 2000, the umask is set
    correctly as  077 and  the files  are no  longer accessible by the
    rest of the community.  IMP administrators who are leary of  using
    beta software may wish to  simply work around this problem  in IMP
    2.0.11.  In the  file imp/lib/mimetypes.lib there is  the function
    that  is  used  by  MSWordView  which  creates the temporary file.
    Simple  create  a  directory  that  is  700 for nobody.nogroup (or
    whoever  runs  the  web  daemon  process)  and use that directory,
    rather than /tmp, for temporary storage.

    The second problem at this time  has no fix, though a simple  cron
    job that removes temporary IMP files that are more than 30 minutes
    should work or monitors  IMP's temporary storage space  and reacts
    similarily.  This time should be adjusted depending on the  number
    of users on the  server and the size  of the temporary space.   An
    account is required to abuse this problem.

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