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Eliminating Hypermart Popup Windows

Eliminating the Hypermart Popup Windows
Submitted by Anime Pitstop

Ok, want to take those damn hypermart popup windows away from your site.
This is a lot like the one for geocities.  But if you try to do it like
geocities it won't work, try it, and view the source and you'll see why.

Ok So you want to know how?

Ok open your html file, and this has to be on the top after the <body>
and past this. <noscript><!--#echo banner=""--></noscript>

it looks for <!--#echo banner=""--> once found that will post a banner on
your site.

But not if you put <noscript> </noscript> between it.

Once you do that, upload, reload your page, or go there, and NO more
banner, or popup banner :).

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