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ByteHoard Directory Traversal Vulnerability CGI:

ByteHoard Directory Traversal Vulnerability
17 October 2003 

Original Advisory

ByteHoard is online storage system whereby users can upload and download 
their files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

More information about the product is available here:

ByteHoard does not properly validate user-supplied input for URL 
requests.  This allows directory traversal characters to be added to URL 
request and thus allows directory traversal.

An example is:

It is possible for an attacker to view all files on the system.

Versions affected
Version 0.7

Upgrade to version 0.71

Tar version

Zip version

Vulnerability History
16 Oct 2003	Identified by Ezhilan of Sintelli
17 Oct 2003	Issue disclosed to ByteHoard developer (Andrew Godwin)
17 Oct 2003	Vulnerability confirmed by Andrew Godwin
17 Oct 2003 	Sintelli provided with fix
17 Oct 2003	Sintelli confirms vulnerability has been addressed
17 Oct 2003	Fix publicly available
17 Oct 2003	Sintelli Public Disclosure

Ezhilan of Sintelli discovered this vulnerability.

About Sintelli:
Sintelli is the world’s largest provider of security intelligence 
solutions.  Sintelli is the definitive source for IT Security 
intelligence and is a provider of third generation intelligence security 

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