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MondoSoft File Creation vulnerability

PROTEGO Security Advisory #PSA200302 
Topic: MondoSoft File Creation vulnerability
Application : MondoSearch 4.4, 5.0, and 5.1
Author: Jens H. Christensen (jhc at
Advisory URL:
Identifiers: CERT: VU# 756556
Vendor Name: MondoSoft 
Vendor URL:
Vendor contacted: 15-Sep-2003
Public release: 24-Sep-2003

MondoSearch is web site search engine made by MondoSoft.

MsmSetup.exe is one of the programs in the default installation.
This program contains a vulnerability that makes it possible to create
files with user specified content on the webserver or anywhere else,
where the executing user (typically IUSR_xxx) has write access.

The vulnerability occurs when the Msmsetup.exe is called with a
specially crafted querystring.

It is possible for a malicious user to, create and execute arbitrary ASP
code on the server. This could in turn, lead to a full compromise of the

Corrective actions:
MondoSoft has released a patch for this issue. 

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