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Admin Access Vulnerability in Community Wizard

Admin Access Vulnerability in Community Wizard

Affected Systems: Community Wizard

version: 5.1 (and possibly earlier versions)

Vendor: ,

Issue: gain admin access

Released: 18 September 2003



"Community Wizard allows anyone to run their own web Portal site without any programming knowledge. Features includes: user login/signup, site search, user profiles, content management, user management, adserver, search engines, forums, file libraries, guestbook, instant messenger, full administration section to allow the admin to manage the web site with page editors, module editors, general setup, site layout and several modules."



It is possible to gain admin access due to a flaw in the 'login.asp' file.

due to a flaw in the script that checking the username and the password it is possible to gain admin access by using this code 'or''=' as the password and not important what the username that you enter, you can enter whatever in the Username field.

Username: whatever

Password: 'or''='

Vendor status:


The vendor has been informed, and bug has been fixed as they told me.

Discovered by/Credit:


Bahaa Naamneh

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