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MySQL 4.1 vulnerability
MySQL 4.1 vulnerability
MySQL 4.1 vulnerability

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Ubuntu Security Notice USN-306-1              June 27, 2006
mysql-dfsg-4.1 vulnerability
A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:

Ubuntu 5.10

This advisory also applies to the corresponding versions of
Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu.

The problem can be corrected by upgrading your system to the
following package versions:

Ubuntu 5.10:
  mysql-server-4.1               4.1.12-1ubuntu3.6

In general, a standard system upgrade is sufficient to effect the
necessary changes.

Details follow:

MySQL did not correctly handle NULL as the second argument to the
str_to_date() function. An authenticated user could exploit this to
crash the server.

Updated packages for Ubuntu 5.10:

  Source archives: 
      Size/MD5:   164878 463c3768464221d0825dbf8fd153432e 
      Size/MD5:     1024 5e533d4f9d9fd83c67d4119a39625e2c 
      Size/MD5: 15921909 c7b83a19bd8a4f42d5d64c239d05121f

  Architecture independent packages: 
      Size/MD5:    36742 b96636b4d38a0f45cd5607f26018101a

  amd64 architecture (Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon) 
      Size/MD5:  5831370 d23061f89f903c9808b6768dd6d92335 
      Size/MD5:  1540608 ff3bdbcec7d80ee656fff71318db5f9a 
      Size/MD5:   898350 2dbf1c511e23d4d0134979b7ec660264 
      Size/MD5: 18433714 158ce4bd992fe64a8695687e82d2ef94

  i386 architecture (x86 compatible Intel/AMD) 
      Size/MD5:  5348044 41d20999de86b8f7983f62b756212cd1 
      Size/MD5:  1475378 3057a66edc7863f8695d03aec050d0f5 
      Size/MD5:   866354 8c84ad0649a119fd0370d33756a9c1cb 
      Size/MD5: 17336250 b1bc484bceaf8a4debdbb1d58d637dd0

  powerpc architecture (Apple Macintosh G3/G4/G5) 
      Size/MD5:  6069148 7d5d032fb8f0bed0c3efa6911578854c 
      Size/MD5:  1549044 be30993f7e8f207d99f11b43282b5f00 
      Size/MD5:   937622 fb4802c64825f7e4127bbd15b656d214 
      Size/MD5: 18523392 31b331faba3c77b55e126b84d24ce223

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