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Vodafone XSS vuln
XSS Vulnerability on Vodafone
XSS Vulnerability on Vodafone

Some link on the website contains =0D
a little vulnerability that could be used for =0D
illegal purposes.=0D
It could be used for phishing or other purposes.=0D
hxxp:// website /simlock/servlets/sim?IMEI=[XSS-Code Here]=0D
hxxps:// website /simlock/servlets/sim?IMEI=[XSS-Code Here]=0D
Actually it's a page that's used for getting =0D
your unlock code for a VPA IV.=0D
It's limited to 15 input characters, =0D
but it's easily bypassed by looking at =0D
the source of the page and searching for =0D
the little page where the input goes.=0D
I hope they fix this "little" big problem.=0D

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