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Authentix up to 5.3. - bypass logon, authentication



    Authentix all versions prior to version 5.3.


    Lisa  Saarloos  found  following.   Authentix  is  a Windows-based
    product that offers  cookie/form-based or 100%  cookie-free "Basic
    Authentication" website  protection while  keeping NT  Users Names
    and Passwords private. It protects all files, not just ASP  pages.
    It can validate  against an internal  database, a text  file or an
    external ODBC datasource.  It requires Windows NT or Windows  2000
    and IIS.

    By using special characters in the URL combined with some  special
    circumstances  it  is  possible  to  bypass  the  authentification
    mechanism  of  Authentix100,  thus  not  receiving a login-prompt.
    This  allows  arbitrary  users  to  view  information that was not
    intented to be seen by them.

    So, Authentix provides  a way to  protect pages from  unauthorized
    views..  But  by  providing  a  specially  formed URL you won't be
    prompted for your username and password.  Normally, after  logging
    in, and after being redirected to  your part of the site, the  URL
    looks like this:


    By giving a URL in the form:


    (place a dot after the shieldeddirectory AND provide a direct

    There's a good change you will be able to view the protected pages
    anyway.   In  most  cases  a  filename  isn't  that  hard to guess
    (index.html, default.htm, whatever),  and with a  little searching
    and guessing the name of  the protected-directory can be found  in
    the same way...


    Knowing the importance that Authentix100 plays in authentification
    methods, Flicks Software has released version 5.3 of Authentix100.
    All users of  Authentix100 are strongly  encouraged to upgrade  to
    the latest version of Authentix100 at

    This upgrade, similar to the cost of the original product, is FREE

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