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TUCoPS :: Unix :: Various Flavours :: misc5725.htm

Unisys ClearPath halt with nmap scan
3rd Oct 2002 [SBWID-5725]

	Unisys ClearPath halt with nmap scan


	Unisys ClearPath


	Jonathan G. Lampe [] found :

	Unisys "Clearpath" mainframes are very sensitive to the probes  of  nmap
	and  similar  programs.  Basically,  by  only  port-scanning  (not  even
	fingerprinting), you can cause the entire machine  to  seize  up.  (Yes,
	the whole machine...not just a job or the TCP/IP device.)


	Say hello to my little friend: "nmapnt  -p  1-1023  -T  Normal"
	(If that doesn't work, make it less polite. Watch the  "SPO"  for  added



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