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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: unixuser.txt

Unix Users G-Phile

*=*=*=                  Unix Users G-phile                 =*=*=
*=*=*=*=*          Written By: The Line Breaker         *=*=*=*=
Command   *=*               Description
awk       *=* Search for a pattern within a file
bdiff     *=* Compares two large file
bfs       *=* Scans a large file
cal       *=* Displays a calendar
cat       *=* Documents and prints file
cc        *=* C compiler
cd        *=* Change directory
chgrp     *=* Changes a file's group ownership
chmod     *=* Changes a file's access permissions
cmp       *=* Compares two files
comm      *=* Compares two files so as to determine which lines
          *=* are common to both
cp        *=* Copies a file to another location
cu        *=* Calls another Unix system
date      *=* Returns the date and time
df        *=* Displays free space in the file system
diff      *=* Displays the differences between two files or dir's
diff3     *=* "                              " three files or dir's
du        *=* Reports on file system usage
echo      *=* Displays its argument
ed        *=* Text editor
ex        *=* Text editor
f77       *=* Fortran compiler
find      *=* Locates the files with specified characteristics
format    *=* Initializes a floppy disk
grep      *=* Searches for a pattern within a file
help      *=* Provides help
kill      *=* Ends a process
in        *=* Used to link files
ipr       *=* Copies the file to the line printer
is        *=* Displays information about one or more files
mail      *=* Used to receive or deliver messages
mkdir     *=* Creates a new directory
more      *=* Displays a long file so that the user can scroll
mv        *=* Used to move or rename files
nroff     *=* Used to format text
ps        *=* Display a process's status
pwd       *=* Display the name of the working directory
rm        *=* Removes one or more files
rmdir     *=* Deletes one or more directories
sleep     *=* Causes a process to become inactive for a specified
          *=* amount of time
sort      *=* Sort and merge one or more files
spell     *=* Finds spelling errors in a file
split     *=* Divides a file
stty      *=* Displays or set terminal parameters
tail      *=* Displays the end of a file
troff     *=* Outputs formatted output to a typesetter
tset      *=* Sets other terminal type
unmask    *=* Allows the user to specify a new creation mass
uucp      *=* Unix-to-Unix execute
vi        *=* Full screen editor
wc        *=* Displays details in the file size
who       *=* Displays information on the system users
write     *=* Used to send a message to another user
*=*=*           Other Little And Unknown Commands           *=*=
bin       *=* Used to store Unix utilities
lib       *=* Contains libraries used by Unix
tmp       *=* Contains temporary files
etc       *=* Contains administrative programs such as passwd
dev       *=* Contains files which represent devices
usr       *=* Contains user files
Another g-phile brought to you by New York Safehouse II Elite BBS
and there's loads more from where this came from!!!!!!!

                    The Line Breaker
                      Strikes Back

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