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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: unix5583.htm

libmm - mm insecure temporary files leading to local root access
31th Jul 2002 [SBWID-5583]

	mm insecure temporary files leading to local root access


	OSSP mm library (libmm) before 1.2.0


	Marcus Meissner and Sebastian Krahmer discovered  a  race  condition  on
	creating  temporary  files  in  the  OSSP   mm   library.   The   Common
	Vulnerabilities  and   Exposures   (CVE)   project   assigned   the   id
	CAN-2002-0658 to the problem. The bug affects  all  programs  which  are
	linked with OSSP mm. This may allow an attacker to conduct a local  root
	exploit. OSSP mm is often used in Apache  setups  using  mod_ssl  and/or
	mod_php.  Here  the  vulnerability  can  be  exploited  to  obtain  root
	privilege if shell  access  to  the  Apache  run-time  user  is  already



	Update your packages.


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