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cvsd local overflow
31th May 2002 [SBWID-5385]

	cvsd local overflow


	 version 1.11

	 corrected in 1.11.2


	david evlis reign from der sys posted following bug regarding CVSd:

	the family of scanf functions  (scanf,  sscanf,  fscanf)  are  generally
	insecure in usage and steps have been taken to make  them
	you might say like adding bounds checking (sscanf(hey,  \"%.4096s  %d\",
	buffer, int)) but the  function  still  remains  quite  insecure,  to  a
	lesser known bug like an off by one.



	char buf[10];

	int i;

	sscanf(hey, \"%.10s\", buf); <-- boundary checks ten bytes...



	char buf[10];

	int i;

	sscanf(hey, \"%.9s\" buf); <-- see!



	therefore in the first example (WRONG)  the  last  byte  into  buf  will
	exeed  the  allocated   space   (10   bytes)   by   one   byte.   woops.
	( <-- nice article)


	in cvs-1.11/src/rcs.c:

	info = findnode (vers->other_delta, \"special\");

		if (info != NULL)


		    /* If the size of `devtype\' changes, fix the sscanf call also */

		    char devtype[16]; <-- SIXTEEN BYTES


		    if (sscanf (info->data, \"%16s %lu\", <-- WOOPS SHOULD BE 15

				devtype, &devnum_long) < 2)

			error (1, 0, \"%s:%s has bad `special\' newphrase %s\",

			       workfile, vers->version, info->data);

		    devnum = devnum_long;

		    if (STREQ (devtype, \"character\"))

			special_file = S_IFCHR;

		    else if (STREQ (devtype, \"block\"))

			special_file = S_IFBLK;


			error (0, 0, \"%s is a special file of unsupported type `%s\'\",

			       workfile, info->data);





	this is only a locally exploitable hole since  the  data  is  read  from
	info->data which in turn is from a symlinked local file (heh,  you  know
	where to find it);


	Upgrade  to  1.11.2,  or  apply  following  patch  written  by  der  sys
	(corrected by Larry Jones):


	--- rcs_old.c	Mon Jan 25 02:05:16 2002

	+++ rcs.c	Mon Jan 25 02:05:40 2002


	--- 4238:       if (sscanf (info->data, \"%16s %lu\",

	+++ 4238:       if (sscanf (info->data, \"%15s %lu\",

			devtype, &devnum_long) < 2)

			error (1, 0, \"%s:%s has bad `special\' newphrase %s\",

			workfile, vers->version, info->data);


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