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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: shellacc.txt

Shell Accounts for Complete Newbies

Shell Accounts for Complete Newbies
By The_Underdog

Ok, where do i start? open up telnet.(c:\windows\telnet.exe or start, run,
Once you have it open, go to terminal, preferences and make sure local echo is unchecked. Now click connect, remote system.

Port:                23
Term Type:      leave this blank

Ok, now your connected to a large network of computers.
Before you do anything you need a username(shell account)
On this system, you need to login as new. then type "mkacct". Pick your username(shell account) and it will ask you date of birth and stuff like that. Dont type anything there, just hit enter. Now pick your password and login.

Your going to need to know a few unix commands. These are just the basic commands. For more advanced unix commands you should read the unix bible but if your just learning this, thats way to advanced for you.

ls          lists files in a directory.
cd          changes current directory.
cat         opens a file.
cp          copys a file.
help        gives you some info.
mail        allows you to send and receive mail.
mkdir       creates a directory.
mv          moves a file.
passwd      changes your password.
rm          removes files.
rmdir       removes directorys.
who     shows other users online.
finger      gets info on a user.
send        sends message to another user.
write       sends message to another user.
bksp        sets your backspace key.

Ok, know that you know the basic commands you can snoop around on the system a little. You start in your home directory. You can make files and directorys here. Your actually saving the files in there computer. This is a great place to hide text files since nobodys ever going to find them in somebody elses computer.

To get to the main directory type "cd /"
Now type "ls" to view the files. every time you go in a new directory, do that to see the files. cd into /udd.(type "cd /udd" you can go in there and look at other users files. If the file is called file1.txt type "cat file1.txt" to open it. cd is to open a directory, cat is to open a file. You can also cd into /arpa. this is where the superusers files are located. they have to pay to get these accounts and they are very advanced users. They usually have pretty cool files to look at although sometimes it says permission denied and you cant get in.

Type who to see what other users are online. Use the send or write command to send them a message if you like. if you type finger and then there user name(like "finger joe") it will give you some info on them. You can type help to see what other stuff you can do on there system.

Well, have some fun looking around on ther system. Its a great way to learn about unix, telneting, shells and a lot of other stuff. Skills you pick up here will come in very handy when doing a lot of other stuff.


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