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Nokia Voyager malformed URL segfault

    Nokia Voyager


    Nokia Voyager


    Gregory  Duchemin   found  following.    Voyager   works  with   a
    multipurposes cgi called  html_page that make  a call to  html_gen
    with a filename as a template script.  Html_gen produce the  final
    html page returned by apache.  If You test this kind of URL:


    You'll get a  segfault error page.   If u test  it with a  command
    line, You'll reproduce  the same signal.   Obviously, html_gen  is
    unable to  manage properly  a big  amount a  data in  some of  its
    parameters. IH is one of the html_page's paramaters that does  the

    With telnet, try (under tcsh)

        #setenv QUERY_STRING

        Content-type: text/html

        <br>Html_gen exited because of signal:  Segmentation fault<br>


    Because  u  already  must  be  administrator to access the voyager
    setup, security impact is relatively low considering that  default
    configuration wasn't poorly modified.

    Because nokia ipso isn't dedicated for a multi-user work usage and
    noone else root should be able to login, impact for local  rooting
    is low too considering the same things that above.

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