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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: lsircbnc.txt

IRC Bouncing around Klines using a Unix Shell

          ||  Irc Bouncing Around Klines Using a unix Shell ||
          ||   By: Lord Somer(      ||
          ||               on August 5, 1997                ||
          ||  For: The Hackers Layer                        ||
          ||                 ||
          ||             and                                ||
          ||       The Hackers Club                         ||
          || ||

      1 Shell Account
      ftp access to upload the file

      The 3 Lines listed below must be configured inside the .c file.
      #define IRCSERV ""
        (server you want to bounce on to)
      #define IRCPORT 6667
        (port of the server you want to bounce to)
      #define IRCBNC  5000
        (port on your shell server you want to use to connect to for bouncing)
      Once they are defined just ftp up the file.
      Telnet in and cd to the dir you up'd it to type:
      cc -o ircbnc IRCBNC.C
      if that gives errors
      rename IRCBNC.C to ircbnc.c
      and at the prompt type
      cc -O -s ircbnc.c -o ircbnc
      then to run it type
      to bounce you just go to your irc client and type
      /server portyoudefinedinircbnc.c
      and it'll bounce you over to the server you defined with your host
      being the shells host.
      Enjoy and stop by #warez.somer on efnet if ya need me

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