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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: low-pr~1.txt

Keeping a low profile on Unix systems

                      Keeping a low profile on UNIX systems

Well, UNIX systems are everywhere, and using a UNIX system, you can usually
get access to internet (if you are elite enough to know the NUP), and on
internet you can get free warez.. that's right, no ratios, and you don't
need to abuse codes! This informative little log is provided to help you
keep a low profile on UNIX systems, so that you may keep them for a long
time of happy couriering. Notes are provided at the end of the log file,
and numbering appears on the right hand column to reference the notes with.

                                          -=> * Hackle-b3rry phin * <=-
ATDT*67,911-9119                                                              1
CONNECT 57600/V666SATAN                                                       2

Welcome to NSA-NET. The National Security Agency's Data Network               3
You have accessed dial-in port #31337.
This programs and data on this system are confidential, and may
be accessed only by athorized personal. All usage is subject to
monitoring, logging, ANI, traceback, and line voltage locks.
If you are not an authorized user, then do not attempt to login!

NSA-NET> telnet
Translating "" server ( [OK]

SunOS keepout 4.3.1 1 sun4m (ttys0)

login: HaQR
Password: elitewarez                                                          4
Mar. 07, 1994.                                                                5
  Due to unusual activity on the subnet in the last few days, all dial-up
logins will be line locked and traced. You will receive a phone call on
your voice line within 15 seconds of connecting. All logins will be logged
and fully monitored. Have a nice day.

`unknown' terminal type is not supported.

TERM = (300h) vt100
Erase is Backspace
Kill is Ctrl-U

keepout-1> who                                                                6
root       console      Mar  7 20:07
root       ttyp0        Mar  7 20:10
security   ttyp1        Mar  7 19:54
narq       ttyp2        Mar  7 19:37
HaQR       ttys0        Mar  7 20:42
keepout-2> w                                                                  7
  8:42pm  up 15:21,  3 users,  load average: 0.39, 0.12, 0.06
User     tty           login@  idle   JCPU   PCPU  what
root     console       8:07pm                      -csh
root     ttyp0         8:10pm         5:40   5:40  top                          54x64+1125+286 -rv
security ttyp1         7:54pm         2:15   2:15  linetrace -port ttys0
narq     ttyp2         7:37pm           24     24  inform -u HaQR -p ttys0
HaQR     ttys0         8:42pm            5      5  w
keepout-3> ps                                                                 8
 17206 ttys0    0:00 ps
 15389 ttys0    0:00 telnetd
 15390 ttys0    0:05 csh
keepout-4> ls                                                                 9    BoW1.txt        irc*            xdcc.irc    BoW2.txt        0-day/          1-day/
keepout-5> su                                                                10
Password: root
su: Sorry
keepout-6> su
Password: elite
su: Sorry
keepout-7> su
Password: warez
su: Sorry
keepout-8> su
Password: r00t
su: Sorry
keepout-9> su
Password: rewt
su: Sorry
keepout-10> su
Password: krad
su: Sorry
keepout-11> su
Password: 0day
su: Sorry
keepout-12> su
Password: kradwarez
# cd /
# rm -r *                                                                    11
# kill -9 -1                                                                 12

[Connection to KEEPOUT.NSA.GOV closed by foreign host]
NSA-NET>hangup                                                               13


RING                                                                         14






1 - Cover your tracks.. always use call blocking.. they have this dude who
    sits there and when they think hackers are hacking their system, he writes
    down all the numbers that pop up on the caller-id display. Don't forget
    to *67!!!
2 - Find the elite high speed dial-ups so that you can transfer your warez as
    fast as possible.
3 - Ignore the boring warnings.. they're there to keep the lamers out.
4 - Always create cool user id's for yourself.. you will get alot more
    repect on IRC.
5 - Once again, ignore the boring warnings, they are to keep the lamers out.
6 - Keep a keen eye on who is logged in, tonight looks fine..
7 - On the odd chance that users are logged in, keep an eye on what they
    are doing... looks harmless enough on here..
8 - ps is a great tool.. and the output looks so neato.. use it lots, that
    way if girls are watching they will think you know what you are doing.
9 - ls is like the dir command in dos.. it shows your files.. don't worry
    about hiding them, because you've created your own account, so other
    people won't be able to get at your warez.
10 - Now hack root.. the fastest and cleanest way is brute forcing.. note the
     above log took a lot longer than it usually does.. you just guess the
     right password
11 - Hide all logs with this command. Note you have to be root and be in the
     '/' directory.
12 - Just incase, kill off your processes with this command.
13 - Ok, we've had our fun for tonight.. hangup, and call back in a few hours
     for some more fun.
14 - It's probably nothing.. just ignore it, they will go away.

thanks to Peter Baylies for the submission!

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