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Easy Shells

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                  _|       _|  _|  _|      _|      _|          _|
                  _|       _|  _|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|

                          "Can ya taste the waste?"


Title:      ||||Easy Shells||||

Date:       Janurary 18,1998
Author:     rootwurm


ok, here's the deal.  i recently installed slackware (linux) on a new hard drive i 'aquired'
(i won't tell you how)  anyway, i installed linux on it, and after i boot it up, it prompted
me for a login name.  i typed 'root'  and it let me on. 

well, since i'm used to linux, and i've installed it before, the first thing i did was type
'passwd <mypassword>'.  "duh", you say, "what's your point?"

my point is, slackware doesn't force you to have a password for root.  big deal, eh? what client
do most people use for irc?  BitchX (and it's kick-ass, too)

now, when you're root and you use bitchx, your default nick is 'root' (because that's who you are)

"hurry up and get to the point" you're now saying.  ok, when you first start bitchx, if your
nickname is taken, it adds _ (underlines) after your nick.  i'm sure you all know about the
/whowas command (in every irc client that i know of).


to get free shells, you need three things.

an irc client of your own

here's what you do:

logon to irc (, because it has to be effnet, but any effnet server will do)  and
type '/whowas root'

if it gives you names, look at their ip address and it should be something like
or somesuch.  anyway, if they've used bitchx, their irc name was
* I'm too lame to read BitchX.doc *

now, telnet to their computer (it will be their ip address, eg and try
to login as 'root'

if you're lucky, it won't prompt you for a password, and you're free to irc/ftp/http/telnet from
their computer.

if you can't login as root (aka, it asks for a password) try using the name of their system as
the password (it's what is directly before Login:)

if you can't get in, don't linger, just move on.

try /whowas root_
and /whowas root__
and /whowas root___

(all will turnup users who've irc'ed as root)


i've just 'discovered' this a few nights ago (i'm sure it's nothing new)  and i've gotten about
eight different 'shell' accounts.  but please, please, please DO NOT DELETE, FORMAT OR OTHERWISE
HURT THE COMPUTER YOU'RE ON.  the people that do that are the people that give hackers a bad name.

but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them.  i uploaded "ZAP" (a program for linux that
hides you on 'who')  and started 'write'ing to them.  it freaked them out. (i said shit like
"god has forbidden you to join pre-teen sex rooms, this is your last warning")

you get the idea
note: i think this only works on slackware (the no password for root thing)  but if you know any
default password for redhat, etc, then please email us with your ideas (

keep it real,

rootwurm (
"Bask in the odor"

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