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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: fpf.htm

Fpf module kernel panic

    fpf module


    fpf module


    "XR Agent" found following.   Fpf kernel module by |CyRaX|  alters
    linux  tcp/ip  stack  to  emulate  other  OS'es against nmap/queso
    fingerprints using parser by FuSyS that reads nmap-os-fingerprints
    for os emulation choice.

    However, attempts to  send fragmented packets  to local or  remote
    machine with  nmap (-sS  -f, -sN  -f, -sX  -f, -sF  -f, -sA -f) or
    hping  (hping  -f)  using  host  with  loaded fpf.o lead to kernel
    panic ("Aiee,  killing interrupt  handle. Kernel  panic: Attempted
    to k ill the idle task ! In interrupt handler - not syncing.")  if
    run from console or force  immediate reboot if the packet  sending
    tool is run from an xterm.

    When  fpf.o  -  running  machine  recieves nmap / hping fragmented
    packets from remote hosts system freezes.

    Tested on Slackware 7.1 kernel 2.2.16 (i386).


    Nothing yet.

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