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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: emacs.txt

Emacs Reference Guide


Keys Abbreviations:
-      Is    [Ctrl]
Esc    Is    [Esc]

FUNCTION:                                       KEYS:
Unhang emacs					g or -z or esc x top-level
To exit emacs					-x-c

Move cursor:

move up (pervious line)   			up arrow arrow or -p
move down (next line)				down arrow or -n
move down (one screen)				-v
move left one char				<-
move right one char				->
move left (back) one word			Esc b
move right (forward) one word			Esc f
move to line begin				Home or -a
move to	line end				End or -e
move to sentence begin				Esc a
move to sentence end				Esc e
move to file begin				F7 or Esc <
move to file end				F8 or Esc >


delete character at cursor			Del
delete next character				BackSpace or -d
delete current word				Esc Del
delete next word				ESC d
delete (kill) rest of line			-k
delete (kill) to end of sentence		Esc k


Paste back (yank) last delete			F6 or -y
Paste back (yank) old delete(s)			Esc y...


Save						F2
Load						F3


forward search					??? replace -s
backward search					-r string
terminate search				-g

Repeat Commands:

repeat previous command				-p
repeat command n times				-u n cmd
move down 10 lines				-u 10 -n
move up 5 lines					-u 5 -p

Screen Commands:

view next screen				-v
view previous screen				Esc v
clear screen					-l
maximimize current window			-x l


Set to n char					-u n -xf


toggle on					Esc x auto-fill-
toggle off					Esc x auto-fill-move
adjust editted paragraph			Esc q


brife command description			F1 c
more help on command				F1 k
more help on function				F1 f
list commands with keyword			F1 a keyword
help on major mode				F1 m


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